Link customer lifetime value to your marketing spend

Understand which campaigns are driving the most long-term value for your business. And get started quickly with a Looker pre-built template.

Attribute long-term impact

Campaign ROI is about lifetime value, not just the initial conversion. An in-house model enables you to bring the data together to uncover that story.

Fast time to value

Building an attribution model can be an undertaking. By using the Looker Block template, your Segment data is pre-modeled reducing the initial lift.

Customizable to your business

While the template lets you start uncovering insights quicker, it also gives you the flexibility to update the dashboard to fit your unique business needs.

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Segment's customer data infrastructure helps ensure every single part of our organization puts customers first

Link lifetime value to acquisition cost 
without building from scratch

Get up and running fast

Our product specialists will show how to enable powerful marketing analytics for your business

Collect the data

Unify the data

Snowflake creates a single source of truth for your customer data, and powers your attribution dashboards to deliver results in seconds or minutes, not hours or days.

Model the data

The template, called a Looker Block ®, pre-models the data so you can be live in a few hours. You can then customize the visualization and model to your unique business.

How it works

Launch revenue attribution dashboards 
with pre-built templates

Segment collects events from your website and mobile app, as well as campaign data from Facebook and Google. We create a unified user profile and send it to Snowflake.

See it in actionGet started

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