What to Track and How to Track It

How it works


Store and standardize your data in one place you trust

Test your implementation and weed out bad data

Schema Control
See what events and traits you’ve sent, and set rules for where data flows

Collect data from every platform and load it easily into Segment

Web, Mobile, and Server-side Libraries
Choose from Javascript, iOS, Android, Ruby, Python, and more

Cloud Apps
Connect cloud platforms like Salesforce, Stripe, Facebook, and more


Send data to hundreds of tools and data warehouses

Send Data Anywhere
Explore our catalog of tools for analytics, email, and more

Data Warehousing
Schematize and load your data into a cloud data warehouse like Redshift, BigQuery, and Postgres



What's Inside:

5 essential calls to use for collecting user data and example calls you can copy into your own tracking plan

Our proven event-naming framework that we’ve used to help thousands of teams set up their analytics

Easy to follow flowchart for deciding on when to track on the client vs. server

Bonus: tracking plan templates for 8 different use cases (ecommerce, mobile apps, SaaS startups, subscription services, video, email and more).

A complete guide for data tracking on your website or mobile app

Tracking how users and customers interact with your product is an essential ingredient to growing your business. Or, as Peter Drucker (the godfather of management thinking) phrased it, “If you can't measure it, you can't improve it.”

At the same time, it’s just as important to measure the right things and not ALL the things. Drucker also has an apt quote here, “The fewer data needed, the better the information… anything much beyond what is truly needed leads to information blackout.”

So, what metrics matter most for growth? What events should you track on your website or app? Which of those events give you the most insight into customer behavior? And how should you go about tracking those?

In this guide, we’ll show you how to implement data tracking throughout your customer lifecycle. We’ll walk through exactly what to track, where and how to track it, and how to make that data available to the teams that rely on it.

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