Where does data democracy begin?

When Ajay Gopal, VP, Data Science at Sun Basket, realized his team of data analysts and engineers were being used to resolve a never-ending queue of basic analytics requests instead of building scalable data products and AI/ML sophistication, he knew that significant infrastructure and organizational changes were needed. 

Ajay discusses how he completely overhauled Sun Basket’s analytics infrastructure in favor of implementing a new tool stack and process that allowed each employee to become fully-informed actors on their data.

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A webinar with meal kit service, Sun Basket, giving you a look at the tactics and tools it uses to build a data-driven culture.

During this webinar you'll learn how to:

Evaluate a data science stack 

Align product releases with your analytics strategy

Centralize data for democratized access

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30 min Webinar & 15 min AMA

Meet the speakers

Ajay Gopal
VP, Data Science

Brandon Skerda
Product Manager

Meet the speakers