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Applying machine learning to personalize the user journey

Knowing when and where to engage your users is critical to optimize activation. 

Join Miguel Dergal, Senior Director of Growth Product at Chime Bank, as he discusses how he uses machine learning to deliver personalized experiences to customers. Hear how Miguel increases activation by > 140% by identifying the optimal times to engage users while delivering personalized content.

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A webinar with the leading branchless bank in the U.S., Chime, giving you a look at the tools they use to increase user activation.

During this webinar you'll learn:

The difficulties of implementing machine learning

Best practices for evaluating your ML stack 

How to choose the right KPIs to build a predictive activation funnel

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Meet the speakers

Bilal Mahmood
CEO and Co-founder

Miguel Dergal
Sr. Director of Product Management, Growth

Meet the speakers