How to build hyper-personalized experiences in real time


1 hour


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Key takeaways

  • Analyst: A market view of the customer experience industry and the impact of data
  • Customer: Hear how Aldo is thinking about new personalization strategies in 2022

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It’s a story we hear often: You have no shortage of great ideas for personalized campaigns, but poor data causes roadblocks and slowdowns that keep you from executing your ideas.

Join Twilio Segment, customers Aldo and Vacasa, and other industry leaders in a discussion about how empowering marketers with good data is the key to achieving personalization goals. 

You'll also get a demo of new Twilio Engage to see how you can use real-time customer interactions to quickly build and scale hyper-personalized omnichannel campaigns without the typical slowdowns caused by poor data.

Q&A will follow this session. Full schedule provided below.

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  • Customer: How Vacasa creates audiences from behavior and reservation data to deliver campaigns that cater to user interests
  • Best Practices: Ideas and methods to build more intelligent campaigns 
  • Product Demo: How to use real-time data to orchestrate campaigns across channels and how to use extensibility for custom experiences

Renaud Jobin-Delaquis


Product Owner

Product Analyst

Allison Lynk

Product Marketing
Twilio Segment

Ricky Doar

Product Management
Twilio Segment

Senior PM
Twilio Segment

Sheryl Kingstone

Research Director
451 Research

Andy McCutcheon

Email Marketing

First 15 minutes

Analyst take: Market view of new trends in data-driven personalization

Final 20 minutes

Hyper-personalization best practices, a demo of Twilio Engage, and participate in live Q&A with all speakers

Next 25 minutes

Hear how Vacasa and Aldo have optimized their personalized outreach