The Ultimate Guide to Omnichannel

According to Twilio's 2021 State of Customer Engagement report, businesses are planning to add four new customer channels in the coming year. But only 1 in 4 businesses say they're successfully investing in omnichannel personalization. 

While businesses are reaching consumers on more channels than ever before, they're lacking an integrated view of customers' behavior and history across touchpoints. The result is a disjointed, often fragmented, customer experience. 

In our new guide, we outline how businesses can successfully implement omnichannel customer engagement at scale. 


In this guide you’ll learn:

The key differences between omnichannel and multichannel.

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How brands across insurance, e-commerce, and travel industries have found success with omnichannel strategies.

The data infrastructure and tools needed to implement a scalable, omnichannel engagement strategy.

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