How Airtasker overcame real-time analytics challenges with Segment and Snowflake

When Dan Gooden joined Airtasker nearly a year ago, he had one goal: ensure Airtasker was leveraging the value locked in its data.

Dan’s philosophy is that technologies are the tools we use, not the outcomes we're looking for. Technology that focuses the team on the data and its value, rather than the setup, maintenance, and tuning, allow you to deliver better end-user experiences more effectively.

Join Dan Gooden, Data Lead at Airtasker, as he explains how he updated his tech stack to ensure real-time data access with little upfront setup, so his team could focus on building a custom recommendation engine rather than maintaining disparate tools.

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In this webinar we'll cover:

How to get real-time access to all of your customer data without weeks of engineering work

The tools Airtasker uses to build a recommendation platform

What’s customer data infrastructure, and if it’s right for you

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