Segment Product Tour: Build omnichannel personalization
at scale 
without code


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Key takeaways

  • Start collecting customer data and integrating your data stack in minutes
  • Automatically perform identity resolution and create unified customer profiles
  • Build personalized, omnichannel nurture campaigns based on your audiences

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Customer expectations dictate who succeeds in the competitive digital landscape. To win in this environment, you need to optimize the online customer journey so that you deliver exactly what they want, where they want it. 

Not every business has the resources to hire an army of developers to build and maintain the high quality touch points that customers have come to expect. 

In this interactive session, we’ll show you how you can collect, unify, and activate customer data -- all without an engineering background. 

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Product Analyst

Kathleen Velasquez

Product Marketing Manager
Twilio Segment

Product Marketing Manager
Twilio Segment


40 minutes