Personalization that works (at scale):

How to get personalization right with 10 proven audiences and use cases that convert.

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Date + Time: Thurs, Nov 21 @ 10am PT (1pm ET)
Duration: 30mins

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Hosted by:
Kevin White, Head of Growth Marketing @Segment

Join us for a live webinar and learn how to use first-party customer data to deliver personalized user experiences that convert.

The era of personalization at surface level—e.g. Hey {{first_name}}!—has lost all efficacy. We’re collecting more first-party user data now than ever before—clicks, purchases, messages, payments, activation, etc.—so why are we not using it to create more value and utility for our customers?

Personalization shouldn’t be so hard—and it’s not! In this webinar, we’ll share a handful of audiences you can build, proven ways to activate those audiences, and how to drive conversions by delivering better, contextual user experiences.

Here’s what we're going to cover:

How to use first-party data—appropriately, and more importantly, ethically—for personalization

How to take personalization beyond “Hey {{first_name}}!” and instead deliver value and utility

A simple heuristic you can use to guarantee your personalization efforts work as intended

10 example audiences and use cases you can steal for your own use

We’ll also build a customer audience live and sync it to marketing platforms

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