Journeys 101: Getting Started with Omnichannel Journeys


With the massive digital acceleration experienced over the course of the last year, the stakes could not be higher. In fact, according to Twilio Segment's latest State of Personalization report, 45% of consumers say they're  likely to take their business elsewhere if brands fail to offer  personalized experiences. 

To meet expectations, businesses need a unified view of the customer journey, and the ability to adjust each interaction based on real-time data. With Journeys, customer experience teams can now build intelligent, omnichannel engagement at scale, and across every connected channel.  


In this guide you’ll learn:

The top obstacles businesses face when it comes to engaging with customers across channels, and how to overcome them. 

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Key considerations in customer journey orchestration to strengthen customer acquisition, engagement, and conversion rates. 

"Starter" use cases in eCommerce, Media, and B2B industries to orchestrate multi-step, cross-channel journeys. 

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