Do more with your customer data

We make it super easy to track and manage customer data from your website or mobile app so you can send it to hundreds of tools for analytics, personalization, data warehousing and a whole lot more.

How it works

How teams use Segment

More than 15,000 teams use Segment as the single source of truth for their customer data.

“Segment is the bedrock of the marketing technologies that allow us to be better, faster, stronger, and do more than we’d normally be able to do.”

Niels Fogt, Director of Lifecycle Marketing

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Store and standardize your data in one place you trust

Test your implementation and weed out bad data

Schema Control
See what events and traits you’ve sent, and set rules for where data flows

Collect data from every platform and load it easily into Segment

Web, Mobile, and Server-side Libraries
Choose from Javascript, iOS, Android, Ruby, Python, and more

Cloud Apps
Connect cloud platforms like Salesforce, Stripe, Facebook, and more


Send data to hundreds of tools and data warehouses

Send Data Anywhere
Explore our catalog of tools for analytics, email, and more

Data Warehousing
Schematize and load your data into a cloud data warehouse like Redshift, BigQuery, and Postgres


The last integration you'll ever do

Install Segment on your website or app in minutes, and start sending user data to any tool you use.
No more superfluous code. No more tedious integrations. No more engineering resources wasted.



Test drive our Team plan for 14 days. No CC required.

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A game changer for engineering, product, and marketing teams

Focus on impact, not integrations

Install our analytics.js script or mobile SDKs on your site or app in minutes. Turn on 200+ tools with the flip of a switch.

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Have complete trust in your data

Use Segment as your single source of truth to collect and standardize data, ensure data quality, and set rules for where data flows.

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Personalize every user interaction

Send your customer data to 200+ tools so it can be used for delivering immersive, personalized user experiences at scale.

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