Digital Advertising in the Cookieless World


The rules of digital advertising are being rewritten. Both browsers and government regulators have been prioritizing user privacy, which we've seen in recent initiatives like Apple's iOS 14 update and Google announcing that it will phase out third-party cookies on Chrome by 2022. 

To adapt to this new digital advertising landscape, entire strategies need to be reworked. Our new e-book takes an in-depth look at the future of digital advertising, the necessity of first-party data, and the pivotal role of a CDP. 


In this guide you’ll learn:

What recent privacy initiatives (like phasing out third-party cookies) means for publishers, advertisers, and Ad Tech. 

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How to leverage first-party data to power highly personalized customer experiences. 

How CDPs help businesses collect, consolidate, and activate on their first-party data (while maintaining user privacy). 

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