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Date + Time: Tues, Oct 29 @ 4pm GMT
Duration: 40mins

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Hosted by:
Aliya Dossa, Privacy Product Manager @Segment

What to expect

Complying with data privacy regulations such as GDPR requires visibility into your customer data assets and liabilities - in other words, it takes a data inventory. For most companies, creating an inventory is a long, arduous process that never accurately captures the current state of data.

Join Privacy Product Manager, Aliya Dossa and Cian Martin, in house lawyer for a webinar on October 29th to learn how you can use Segment. Plus, We’ll give a live demo of Segment’s new product, the Privacy Portal!

During this webinar we'll help you:

Automatically detect and classify personal information or PII

Monitor changes to your inventory with real-time alerts

Enforce your company’s data privacy policies with proactive privacy controls.

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Cian Martin, Senior Corporate Counsel @Segment