The Customer Data Platform Report 2020

We’ve combed through over 500 billion data points to give you a comprehensive overview of the CDP landscape. 

This is the only guide you need to understand customer data platforms in 2020.

In this comprehensive report on the CDP market, you’ll find:

CDP industry growth

We dig into causes and stats around the rise of the Customer Data Platform industry, looking into market growth, hype-cycle stages, VC investment and acquisitions to date.

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Real-world use cases

Understand how CDPs are being used with real-world examples and results from companies like Bonobos, DigtialOcean and IBM.

Sources of customer data

See the top sources from where first-party customer data is being collected from Web (Javascript), Mobile (iOS, Android), Server Side (HTTP API, Node.js, etc.), and Cloud (Stripe, Intercom, etc.).

Top events collected

In addition to where data is collected from, this report synthesizes what what type of events (page views, conversions, engagement, etc.) are collected across thousands of B2B and B2C companies.

Growth of SaaS tools

Using a dataset of 500 billion events processed and sent to SaaS tools, this report shows the growth and market share of tools across analytics, email, advertising, live chat, and a handful of other categories.

Predictions for the CDP market

We asked CDP users and analysts what their top predictions are for the CDP market to help you understand where the market is headed and how it will evolve over the next 1-5 years.