How bad data happens to good companies


Inside you'll find:

The most common causes of inconsistent and inaccurate data at companies

An overview of Segment’s solution for an accurate and complete view of the customer: Customer Data Infrastructure

20 uses cases for Customer Data Infrastructure spanning data collection, governance, and activation

A look into the problems CRMs, DMPs, and CDPs create for your business and how to fix them.

What good is bad data, anyway?

When your data is incomplete, inconsistent, or completely inaccurate, it’s impossible to make data-informed decisions.

This guide gives actionable advice on how to prevent inaccurate and inconsistent data from plaguing your company. It looks at the root cause of the “bad data” problem companies face today and Segment’s solution for it.

It also includes 20 use cases that are only possible with clean and consistent data, including aligning your company around a single view of the customer, driving growth through personalized customer communications, and more.

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