How Agrando built an SSOT for customer data to drive personalisation and scalability 

In a digital-first world, innovative brands recognise the importance of knowing who their customers are to deliver customer-first experiences. But, with the explosion of digital interactions across devices, servers, and internal applications, how are companies expected to keep up?

Hear from Thomas Schmidt, Head of Data Science and  Michèle Böswald, Junior Brand Manager on how Agrando uses Segment to unify customer data across their different platforms to enable data-driven decisions, drive targeted and personalised campaigns, and support scalability.

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45 min

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Key takeaways

You know your core business depends

You know your core business depends

You know your core business depends

Recent consumer privacy trends and their impact on digital advertising

How Stylepit designed RFM models to unlock customer intent and LTV signals in Segment Personas

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We'll cover:

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How to customize your data pipeline 

Segment makes it easy to connect and manage customer data from across 300+ of the most popular tools. But now, our customers can take data integration to the next level. Join our webinar to learn how Functions, our latest product launch, empowers every team to bring new types of data into Segment and send data to new tools. You’ll see real-life examples of how you can build your own sources and destinations, as well as how you can solve common data challenges.

Eliot Arntz

Sales Engineer

Eliot Arntz

Sales Engineer

Eliot Arntz

Sales Engineer


Thomas Schmidt

Head of Data Science

In this session, we’ll cover:

Why Agrando needed a CDP.

How Agrando empowers every team with unified customer data.

How Agrando uses Personas to enable real-time personalised engagement - and save engineering hours

Michèle Böswald

Junior Brand Management